Who we are

Cosmedica Medical Clinic is Aruba’s premiere and leading clinic for facial aesthetics. We set the standard for aesthetic medical care both in Aruba and the Caribbean. With the help of our experienced and skilled medical doctors, individualized treatment plans, and concierge services, we endeavor to elevate the customer experience.

Our doctors use state-of-the-art technology to map out and assess your face holistically, providing you with a personalized treatment plan that focuses on your individual needs. Our aim is not to reverse time or alter your appearance, but rather to embrace the aging process and enhance who you are.

Your experience

Our top goal is to keep you safe and provide natural results that fit you and your lifestyle, so we carefully select all of our services. And ensure only a medical expert will perform them on you.

There are no miracle claims or pseudosciences accepted as “evidence” here. We take pride in our work and will only provide services that we believe in and that are backed by trustworthy scientific research.

Our services are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, so you can easily fit your appointment during a lunch break, during office hours, or even on your holiday.


In the facial aesthetics field, partnerships with experts  are key to delivering innovative and safe treatments. These collaborations ensure access to the latest advancements and uphold high standards of patient care, driving the industry forward.

No compromise

We have not compromised on any aspect of our clinic. Our aesthetic clinic in Aruba truly sets the bar for a new breed of anti-ageing clinics that offer the most effective and safe treatments, alongside a five-star service.

Our team

Our doctors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience who excel in aesthetic and anatomical assessments as well as injection expertise. Because aging is a unique process for every individual, each treatment plan is bespoke and based on your personal goals and age category. At Cosmedica, we set a high standard of care on Aruba and work with rigorous protocols to ensure safety and quality.

Meet Dr Desirée Poortinga-van den Berg

Doctor Desirée is a medical doctor (MD) from the University of Amsterdam specializing in aesthetics, board certified through the KNMG title. She is an international trainer for Allergan Medical Institute, teaching other doctors about anatomy, consultation, the aging process, and the perfect execution of treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers and botulinum toxin. During a consultation, she examines her clients holistically through 3D imaging and thorough questioning to come up with a personalized treatment plan. Honesty, safety, and natural results are her guarantees, and making her clients look how they feel is her measuring tool to know a treatment was successful. Through her background as Miss Netherlands 2010, she has a natural affinity for beauty, and her mission is to make her clients have more self-confidence and empower them to be the best version of themselves.

Meet Dr Noreen Vingerhoedt

Doctor Noreen, an Aruban native, is a board certified aesthetic physician (KNMG) as well as a double board certified orthopedic surgeon (n.p.). With over 11 years of experience in the field of aesthetics, her philosophy is rooted in creating harmony and balance in the face and enhancing one’s natural features while preserving their uniqueness and respecting the natural aging process, all through a holistic approach and surgical precision. By helping her patients look more like they feel, she aims to improve self-esteem and enhance confidence. Less is more, and natural results, a personalized approach, and honesty regarding the possibilities and outcomes are key in this process. To help provide the highest standards of care and safety, Doctor Noreen uses ultrasound in her aesthetic practice.